Monday, September 28, 2009

A Prayer for the People of Manila

On Saturday, Manila was hit with nine hours straight of torrential rains, the result of a tropical storm. This caused major landslides and floods, the worst in forty years, and most of the city was under brown water on Sunday. The government has declared "a State of Calamity." The images are quite heart wrenching. The poorer areas of the city were hit the hardest. Here are links to two different articles and some images:

I cannot help but wonder about the orphanages in Manila and the little ones and their caretakers. I hope that they are safe and sound, that they are not cold, hungry or frightened. But, we all know how important children are to the Filipinos, and this reassures me that they are in very good hands and that they will be the first to receive help. I have no doubt that they are being well taken care of.

My heart goes out to the people of the Philippines; my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the floods. Through the adoption process, my husband and I are forever connected to this country and its people. We would love to find a way to help. Making a donation to the Red Cross is a great way to do this. Or sponsoring a child. There are unfortunately a number of scams out there, people who try to take advantage of situations like this to pull on people's heart strings and make some money off of them. So please be careful, be aware and stick to the well known, reputed organisations like the Red Cross.


  1. The Philippines has been on my mind so much, too. We, too, feel forever connected to this country especially after meeting so many wonderful people on our visit. Check my blog for an awesome tribute video to the victims. I cried watching it. Jay-R's orphange did not flood but some walls fell. Heartbreaking...

  2. I happened upon your blog while "googling" ICAB looking for a document. My husband and I are in the final stages of our 3rd Philippine adoption (our 5th child). Feel free to check out my blog at
    Best of luck to you and your husband. You will LOVE The Philippines. It is a magnificent country full of kind English speakers. It is easy to travel and a joy to visit! I hope you get a referral very very soon.
    Nikki Esquivel