Saturday, February 28, 2009

First blog posting: Why I decided to blog

My husband Raph and I are in the process of adoption from the Philippines, and we invite you to share in our journey with us. Join us throughout the various stages of the adoption process, as we experience the ups and the downs, the good and the bad days, the frustration at the long wait and the utter tears of joy as we finally go to the Philippines and become a forever family!! Then, the adaptation, attachment and learning process that will follow as we arrive home and begin our lifetime job as parents. Mostly, join us as we wait....

After a couple of years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, my husband Raph and I decided to go the adoption route. Actually, we started talking about the process in October of 2007, and it took us over a year to do the home study and get all of our papers and documents together. We received ICAB approval on February 10th, 2009, and are now officially on the list. So, now we just sit back and wait to receive a referral. (easier said than done! The current wait for a referral after ICAB approval has been received is about eighteen months on average....could be faster, could be longer.) We very much want to become parents, but biologically we have not been given this opportunity. God always knows best, and so we have accepted that it's not meant to be and have chosen to adopt a child. Many children around the world need a stable home and a warm, loving family, and we can provide this! Maybe this was the plan for us all along.

The adoption journey can be long, frustrating, difficult and painful. You spend a lot of time on hold, waiting for things(!) When you're waiting for a life-altering event such as adopting, it feels like an eternity. It is also lonesome at times, and this is one of the reasons I have decided to blog. Having spent a lot of time the last few months in preparation for adoption reading different books and blogs about the process, I realized we were not alone in this and it gave me strength as well as reassurance. By blogging about our story I hope to meet other people going through the same thing and who can relate. Honestly, I just need to keep busy while we wait for a referral so that I don't go crazy (or drive my husband crazy!) I hope as well that I can give something back and help those just beginning the process as others have helped and encouraged me.

On a different note, this blog will be a kind of time capsule for our future child, a lifestory book and photo album of sorts that we will be able to share with him (or her) someday.