Friday, May 27, 2011

Cat mom hugs baby kitten

This video is too brought tears to my eyes! I could not resist sharing it.
I know, I's just a cat video. Still, it's a very sweet and tender moment between a mother cat and her kitten.

I guess it kind of epitomizes what being a good mother is all about: someone who protects you, someone who makes you feel safe, warm and secure...someone who loves you unconditionally and gives you a hug when you need it!

In this video, what is so touching is the instinctual, natural action with which the mother soothes and calms the little kitten experiencing a bad dream...simply using physcial contact and warmth, she knows exactly what to do to get the little one comfortable. It's a reminder of the importance of touch and body contact...a sense which we sometimes under-estimate the value of.

I hope that I can share this kind of bonding experience with our child someday. Then I will know that we have succeeded as far as bonding and attachment are concerned!! Or, at least it will prove that we are on the right track...

But, I'm getting way ahead of myself here. One step at a time! For now, we continue to wait patiently (!) for the phone to ring...