Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eleven months since ICAB approval!

Yes, that's right...eleven months since we received our ICAB approval! It's starting to get exciting now! I'm hoping that 2010 will be our year...
I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year; wishing you all health, happiness and prosperity in 2010...may all of your dreams come true!!

Christmas went by very fast. Raph and I went to Cuba for two weeks during the holidays. We spent four days together in Varadero just the two of us, and then Raph's family came and joined us. The day we arrived, it was nice and sunny...but after that, we had four days of rain and thundershowers. There's not much to do at a hotel resort like that when the weather's not nice! Most of the activities are centered around the sun and the pool or the beach! We basically stayed in our hotel room and read our books and watched tv for four days. Still, it's great to just get out of the cold and the ice and snow...it helps to pass the winter months!! The day after Raph's family arrived the weather turned nicer, and we were able to enjoy the pool and the beautiful beach. The sand was soft and white, the ocean was turquoise-blue and warm. We did one excursion, the Jeep Safari. It was amazing! We visited a local farm, went snorkeling in the coral reefs with the fish, swam in a cave (and had the best pinacolada ever!), went on a boat ride, went horse back ridding...all in one day!! And Raph was happy because he got to drive the Jeep :0)
The hotel we stayed at was very kid friendly, and there were a lot of young families there. My mind often turned to thinking about what our future vacations will be like, once we have children.

We flew back to the cold on my birthday! Yes, that's right...I'm another year older. I won't dwell on that one for too long! Oh well, at least everyone at the airport is very nice and friendly when they see that it's your birthday on your passport!!

I've added a new song to my playlist, "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble. I was inspired by my bloggie friend Joanna...she posted the cutest video of her son Jerome on facebook, set to this song. Both the video and the song struck a chord with me. I absolutely love it! I think it's the perfect song to express how I'm feeling during this long wait for a referral:

I Might Have To Wait
I'll Never Give Up
I Guess It's Half Timing
And The Other Half's Luck
Wherever You Are
Whenever It's Right
You Come Out Of Nowhere And Into My Life

And I Know That We Can Be So Amazing
And Baby Your Love Is Gonna Change Me
And Now I Can See Every Possibility

Mmmmm ......

And Somehow I Know That It Will All Turn Out
And You'll Make Me Work So We Can Work To Work It Out
And I Promise You Kid I'll Give So Much More Than I Get
I Just Haven't Met You Yet

Yes, I just haven't met you yet...


  1. Great song! Congrats on 11 months....every month is one month closer!!! Hoping for an amazing year for you!!!

  2. Amber and Raph, Congratulations on 11 months!! The next one is the big one...then...worse case (as far as we know now) you're halfway there!
    Glad to read your blog...I missed reading your teaching?
    Looking forward to reading more about you guys and your journey to meet your Little One!

  3. Happy belated Bday!!
    And Super Congrats for your 11months!! :o)
    I'm so glad you guys relaxed in the South for a couple of weeks, it is so therapeutic!
    I really missed reading you :o)
    Cheers xoxox

  4. Congrats on reaching 11 months, you're getting closer. A trip to Cuba sounds fantastic right now. The warm weather, the sand the pool. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your vacation and also happy belated birthday.

  5. Hi Amber,
    Came across your blog from joint blogger-friend's blogs... I also heard the song on Joanne's blog. Beautiful :)

    We are at www.filipinogift.wordpress.com . Now almost 13 months since ICAB approval for us. Is it ok that I link your blog from ours?

    Let's decide that both of us (all four of us) will have a wonderful and exciting 2010!

  6. Hmmm, I don't think I have heard that song. I am going to have to find that song on Youtube. Very appropriate for your wait. We are hoping that 2010 will be the year for you too.

  7. Hi, I've been looking for blogs of others who are adopting from the Philippines. We are also, but we live in the Philippines so we are going through the local adoption process. We've put our papers in last April and heard nothing yet (we were expecting to be matched by July/August 09). It's so hard waiting, but it kinda helps to know others who are going through it too.
    Our blog is http://mayhughs.blogspot.com/

  8. Hi Amber
    how is everything with you, long time no blog!