Saturday, November 21, 2009

My new find of the week!

I just added this song to my song's from a new tv show called "Glee" which I discovered last week. Love it! This song got me hooked! Very cute show, and I really enjoy the songs. The message is great. Just wanted to share my new find :0)

On the adoption front, there's not much going on over here in Quebec just yet...but there have been some proposals in the U.S. and in France as well, I believe. So that's very good news, and very encouraging!! A bloggy friend from the States whose blog I've been following for the past few months is in the Philippines right now with her husband, bringing home their two year old son...and another local bloggy friend is leaving for the Philippines in just a few short days. So exciting!! It's great to see that things are moving again over there. I also came across a fellow blogger from Belgium, adopting their second child from the Philippines. It's very cool meeting people from all over the world going through the same thing as us!! I'm particularly excited that she speaks Dutch :0)

There's not much else new. My husband and I got our H1N1 flu shots. He was kind of against it at first, but I convinced him that it was important to get it done if we were planning on travelling. Some countries even require it right now for travelling. That convinced him, since he doesn't want to miss out on our trip to Cuba! Besides, I went to the clinic and got him a coupon, and he didn't really have much choice in the matter! Hahaha!! In exchange, he insists I let him put up the Christmas tree early this year. Oh well, I guess you win some, you lose some...the art of negotiation!

I got laser eye surgery a few days ago. It's pretty impressive what they can do with technology nowadays! The operation takes all of five minutes: they put a suction thing to keep the eye open...they start the laser and it smells like burnt hair for a couple of seconds...then they explain to you it's going to go black for thirty seconds...then you find the red light of the laser again, and the operation is done. And the do the other eye, same thing. It's very fast! When you come out of the operation, your eyes want to stay closed, and your vision is pretty blurry for a couple of days. It's kind of like opening your eyes underwater. There is a burning and itching sensation for a few days as well. It's about a week later now, and my vision is improving everyday. By the time we leave for Cuba I should be 100% recovered, and I'll be allowed to swim. Yay!! For now, my eyes still tire easily and I get blurry vision when I watch tv or read for too long. Staring at the computer screen for too long is not recommended either, obviously!! That will take a few weeks, but it's so worth it for the freedom from glasses!!

On that note, I should go and rest my eyes...hope you enjoy the song!


  1. Amber, I had laser eye surgery a year ago and it was one of the best things that I ever did. My vision is now perfect and I'm so happy not to have to wear contacts or glasses.
    I haven't yet watched the show Glee but I've heard lots of good about it. I'll have to try to catch a show sometime.
    When are you heading to Cuba? We plan on booking an all inclusive sometime in the Spring if we don't hear anything by January. It's just too hard waiting here in the cold!

  2. Hi Amber,
    It's Wendy from the Yahoo Adoption list-serv. My daughter, Becky, has been a huge Glee groupie since the premier (she's a Glee-girl herself all the way)! I'm curious about your header shot. It looks like it was taken from the same cabana we stayed in while we were at Alegre Beach Resort in Cebu in April. Where you there, too?

    Great blog...


  3. My husband and I were ICAB approved in May 2009. Waiting is so hard. I really appreciate your honesty. Good luck to you guys!!

  4. Bonjour Amber!
    Comme à l'habitude, je ne comprends pas l'ensemble de ton message! Il faudrait vraiment que je dispose d'un dictionnaire anglais-français car j'ai vraiment le goût de suivre ton blog! Un achat à faire!
    Mais je vois bien que vous avez passés le délai des 9 mois d'attente! Félicitations à vous!
    Amicalement! Vicky xxx

  5. I have seen the Glee show several times and it is really cute. It just seems that we are usually not home when it is on and I usually miss it.

    Sounds like the two of you are keeping busy...your day will be here before you know it.

  6. Hello Amber, I try to write in English but I'm not very good so...
    I have a surgery on my eyes too and it's fantastic, no more glasses. I'm sure you appreciate when your vision was 100% ok.
    We are waiting for an adoption in filipinas to we are approved in november 2009, so we wait only for a month. Good luck with your eyes.